Board of Directors

Board of Directors

NWAR has no paid staff; all directors volunteer their time, energy, and resources.

Collectively the board members have done thousands of programs in schools, churches, fairs, libraries, scout camps, and community centers across four states. They have participated in thousands of exotic animal rescues.

Dave has made a career out of educating and entertaining while he shares the role these exotic animals play in ecology. In 1998 Dave originated and founded Predators of the Heart, the number one Airbnb experience in the world. He also was the largest traveling exhibit in the Northwest. For 18 years he was a USDA exhibitor traveling across a number of states, appearing on TV and at local fairs, schools, military bases, Boy Scout camps and churches to share his expertise and love for these beautiful creatures.

Dave’s dream is to help kids connect with nature, their environment, and experience the wonders of God’s creations. The experiences at Northwest Wildlife Sanctuary are designed to foster the realization that we are all somehow interconnected on the planet. (If Dave had three wishes, the first would be that he could see, hear, and smell everything these amazing animals experience that we can’t.) 

Rich Richie (the reptile man)-

Richard “The Oregon Reptile Man” was bitten in 1970. Not literally, but by the bite of extreme curiosity concerning the natural world, and it’s seemingly infinite colors, patterns, and abilities in the reptile realm. Established in 1991, The Reptile Man utilizes exotic reptiles from around the world as educational ambassadors to 400 organizations yearly. Rich has worked in the major motion picture industry providing animals for scenes, including the movie “WILD” with Reese Witherspoon.


Mike Mesa-

Mike has worked for over 30 years with exotic wildlife. He has worked with law enforcement and animal control to educate them on handling exotic wildlife. He has personally been involved in thousands of animal rescues working closely with law enforcement and rehoming agencies. His expertise extends beyond animal capture, Mike is also a reptile expert.


Blaine Brown- Director of the Newport Discovery Zoo

Blaine Brown has been a USDA exhibitor and wildlife expert for over 30 years. He is the director and owner of the Newport Discover Zoo in Newport Oregon.

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